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Varna Medical University was established as Higher Medical Institute by Decree № 414 of the Presidium of the National Assembly of Republic of Bulgaria from 12. 11.1960. Today, it has become one of the best medical university in Bulgaria and offer medical English (medicine, dentistry) and many Bulgarian medical programs.

Medical University of Varna organises 6 year general medical program and 6 year dental program in English and Bulgarian and also one year preparatory course of Bulgarian language for international students who want to study medicine in Bulgarian language or who fell the Basic English test for medical study in English.

Varna Medical University offer a huge number of medical programs in Romanian language: Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, Nursing Management, Assistant pharmacist, sanitary inspector, sanitary inspector, sanitary inspector, X-ray laboratory assistant, Medical laboratory assistant, Dental technician, Physiotherapy assistant, social activities, Social activities, Medical Cosmetics, etc.

Medical university of Varna offers also postgraduate medical specialisation (residency) for those who have already a Master of Medicine (6 year medical university graduate).

Second place of Varna medical university ranking in Bulgarian medical Universities, clear and reasonable entry requirements with a basic school entrance exam in Biology and Chemistry (high school level!), cheap tuition fees and availability (8000 Euro/year) of student loans for EU/EEA students from national affiliated financial institutions, cheap student accommodation (student room in students hostels or private accommodation) and every day expenses, safe and great location of the university campus, wonderful accessibility (Varna Airport serves many major destinations in Europe), good value living conditions and sea side advantages ( the best city in Bulgaria offering the best living conditions), valid diploma in EU/EEA and recognised around the globe, make Varna medical school one of the most attractive medical university in Europe.

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