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BA in International Business and Managemen

BA International Business and Management program is accredited by the Bulgarian National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency, recognized and accredited by UK Cardiff Metropolitan University, which provides students with the opportunity to receive two Bachelor Degrees upon successful completion of their studies. The successful students receive Bulgarian Bachelor Degree and British BA (Hons). The course is totally in English and is designed for 3 years.
The major objectives of this specialty are the preparation of highly skilled specialists with developed business thinking and establishing knowledge and capabilities that are typical for modern business managers.
After graduation young professionals are qualified to occupy positions in the field of strategic management and marketing, international business planning, human resource, brand management, sales, finance and in many other realms of global business.

First semester:

  •  Business law and business ethics
  •  Economics and business environment
  • Marketing and business communications
  • Foreign languages – First: English for business and management, Second foreign language: English/German/French/Spanish

Second semester:

  • Reaserch and Statistics
  • Accounting and finance
  • Management
  • Foreign languages – First: English for business and management, Second foreign language (English/German/French/Spanish)
  • Summer Internship I

Third semester:

  • Foreign Languages II, English for academic writing
  • Human resource management and organizational behavior
  • Marketing communications and marketing research
  • Consumer behavior

Fourth semester:

  • E-business
    Foreign Languages II English for academic writing, Other Language (English/German/French/Spanish)

Summer Internship II

  •  Capital markets and investments
  •  Branding and intellectual property
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Business planning

Fifth and sixth semester:

  •  Strategic Management
  • International Business and Cultural Diversity
  • Modern Foreign Language, Culture and Society
  • IBDiploma or Enterprise project
  • Managing Change in Theory and Practice
  • International and Global Marketing
  • IStrategic Management of Information Systems

Students in the International Business and Management program have two obligatory internships during their education in the 6th and 11th weeks and are done in tourist organizations such as high class hotel chains, tour operators and tourist agencies. Those internships are professionally oriented and aim at development of professional working pattern and provision of financial support to students.