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Bsc Business Information Systems

Bsc Business Information Systems program is focused on the development of knowledge of students in the field of computerized information systems, which is a substantial function of every modern organization. Its curriculum is designed in such a way that it gives students the opportunity to choose on their own the field of information technology in which they want to specialize. This is possible after the first year when during which students gain fundamental knowledge of business information systems and their real life application.

Business Information Systems program is accredited by the Bulgarian NEAA, recognized and accredited in UK. The whole program is in English for 3 years and successful students are awarded with double degree: Bulgaria and British in Business Information Systems giving the opportunities for professional realization as managers or consultants in the IT departments of many public, trades, financial or non-economic organizations.

The main Study modules are:

First semester:

  • Software development fundamentals
  • Economics and business environment
  • Marketing and business communications
  • Foreign languages I


Second semester:

  • Research and Statistics
  • Accounting and finance
  • Management
  • Summer Internship I (double module)
  • Foreign languages I


Third semester:

  • Human resource management and organisational behaviour
  • Foreign languages II
  • Marketing communications and marketing research
  • Managing people
  • Systems design


Fourth semester:

  • E-business
  • Multimedia
  • Networking
  • Information systems security
  • Entrerpreneurship
  • Business planning
  • Summer Internship II (double module)


Fifth and Sixth semesters:

  • Information Systems Project Management
  • Information Systems in Business
  • Professional and Ethical Issues in Information Systems
  • Information Systems Diploma project
  • Multimedia 3
  • Network and Internet Security
  • Data security and forensics


Students in Bsc Business Information Systems program have two mandatory internships during their education. These internships last between 6 and 11 weeks and take place in specialized IT departments in international companies of different business. Internships are professionally oriented and aim at developing business skills and providing financial support to students taking part in them.