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Double degree programs

Double degree programs in Bulgaria are organised by some English or French speaking universities in Bulgaria.  Upon successful completion of their studies, the students receive two Degrees (Romanian and partner’s university degree).The programmes include Bachelor and Master degree organised in cooperation with American, British or French, Netherland etc. universities.

Some economic universities or colleges in Bulgaria in English are partnering with UK, French, Netherland, and American’ universities. Students who complete successfully the program are awarded a double degree: Bulgarian and partner’s university degree.

Bachelor programmes in cooperation with Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) in UK and   Sofia ,Varna and Dobrich in Bulgaria:

  • BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management;
  • BA (Hons) International Business Management;
  • Bsc (Hons) Business Information Systems;
  • BA (Hons) Business and Management studies;

Bachelor programmes in cooperation with University of Portsmouth in UK and Sofia in Bulgaria:

  • BA (Hons) International Finance and Trade;
  • BA (Hons) Business Administration ;

Master Programmes in collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University in UK, University College Birmingham, UK and IUC, Varna or Sofia in Bulgaria:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Specialist Pathways;
  • Tourism Destination Management MA;
  • Tourism Business Administration MA;

To motivate students, some university programs provide every one of them the opportunity to receive scholarship of up to 100% of their tuition fee in accordance to their results and knowledge of English language;

Bachelor Programs in cooperation with UK Universities:

BA (Hons) Hospitality Management
The Bachelor programme in Hospitality Management specialty is designed to provide a wide range of skills and knowledge, which are necessary for every manager in the field of tourism.
These capabilities provide graduates with excellent career growth opportunities in an international context. They serve as an excellent starting point for students who intend to reach TOP management level in broad aspects of the tourism industry both on national and on International level. The majority of the graduates from this specialty occupy middle and top management positions in multinational tourist organizations working as hotel managers, F&B and Front Office Managers, Senior Administrators, Marketing Managers and many others.

BA (Hons) International Business Management
The Bachelor programme in International Business and Management Programme is intended to serve the needs of the global market for specialists in the field of international business.
The process of globalization as well as the dynamic import and export of goods and services across borders signals the need for well prepared professionals in the field of management and marketing who can be in line with the contemporary, rapidly changing business standards.
The major objectives of this specialty are the preparation of highly skilled specialists with developed business thinking and establishing knowledge and capabilities that are typical for modern business managers.
After graduation young professionals are qualified to occupy positions in the field of strategic management and marketing, international business planning, HR, brand management, sales, finance and in many other realms of global business.

Bsc (Hons) Business Information Systems
The Bachelor programme in Business Information Systems is a new specialty which is provided in response to the increasing demand for specialists in the field of Information Technologies applied to business.
The programme is focused on the development of knowledge of students in the field of computerized information systems, which is a substantial function of every modern organization. The curriculum in this specialty is designed in such a way that it gives students the opportunity to choose on their own the field of information technology in which they want to specialize. This is possible after the first year when during which students gain fundamental knowledge of business information systems and their real-life application.
Those who graduate this specialty enjoy very good opportunities for professional realization as managers or consultants in the IT departments of many public, trades, financial or non-economic organizations.

BA (Hons) Business and Management studies
The role of the Business and Management Studies is the establishment of specialists who possess both theoretical and practical skills which can contribute to the development of modern business environment. The chief aim of this programme is to prepare students to be employed as middle and top managers in different business organizations.
The substantial objectives of the Business and Management studies specialty are the preparation of highly qualified specialists with entrepreneurial business thinking and provision of knowledge and professional demeanour which are typical for the contemporary manager.
The chief advantage of this specialty is the broad preparation in the field of economics and the ability to choose a particular academic pathway of specialization.

BA (Hons) International Finance and Trade
Finance and accounting are extremely important functions in any company or economy. In the United Kingdom, the financial sector accounts for a larger share of the GDP than manufacturing. In Bulgaria, financial and other services also account for a greater GDP share than manufacturing. This tendency generates a significant interest in finance and accounting as a major area of study. The prestige that the jobs in the financial sector stand for, as well as those in consulting and accounting, contribute to the great demand for education in those areas.
After Level 0, the students take Financial and Management Accounting, Financial Reporting, International Financial Management, Mathematics and Statistics, Business Law,  Organizational Behaviour, Information Systems, Economics, etc.  In order to acquire practical skills, students have internships at various companies in Bulgaria, the United States or other countries each year. In June, students take additional classes that provide credits (ECTS) for the Bulgarian program.
This Bachelor programme in International Finance and Trade provides excellent opportunities for professional development given the fact that graduates occupy positions at prestigious financial institutions.

BA (Hons) Business Administration
Bachelor program of Business Administration is the most preferred area of study at the UP Business School. It has a long-standing tradition and the graduates are well known for their professional success. It provides the students with excellent knowledge and skills in company management and entrepreneurship. This explains why the graduates do so well in modern business in the globalizing world.
As all other majors, BA starts with an introductory year called Level 0. It gives students basic knowledge in economics, marketing, general management, IT, law, accounting, etc. Some of the main disciplines during that year are Organizations and Organizing, Business Operations, Finance and Accounting for Business, Business Law, Statistics for Business, Human Resource Management, Managing Business Relationships, Innovation Management, International Business, Contract and Commercial Law, etc. The internships allow the students to acquire practical skills at different companies in Bulgaria, but also in the United States and other countries. In June, the students take additional classes which provide credits for the Bulgarian program.
Bachelor program of Business Administration is a major which has proved to develop excellent professionals for a very broad variety of companies, both for brand managers, line managers, and general managers.
Master Programs in cooperation with UK Universities:

Master of Business Administration (MBA)
The Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme takes a strong international perspective in all areas. The MBA will provide you with evidence of personal dedication and commitment, an international orientation, development of inter personal skills, presentation and communication skills and greater confidence in your overall managerial abilities. The combination of theory and its practical application provides you with problem solving management skills of immediate and enduring value.
The essentials of the MBA programme are built around the gathering and consolidation of leadership, decision making, communication and analytical skills which are substantial for every successful manager.
Last, but not least the programme is designed for working people and therefore studies take place during the weekends, which means that you may study and work simultaneously.
Tourism Destination Management MA
This Master programme of Tourism Destination Management is organised by Bulgarian International University College, which is the oldest Bulgarian private school of management in the field of tourism, which programmes are internationally recognized.

Being a highly specialized institution, UCB offers its students high class education, which is internationally recognized and which has brought many prestigious quality awards to it.
Tourism Destination Management Master Degree program includes Destination Marketing, Dynamics of Tourism, Live Project, The International Tourism Planning and Policy Environment, Tourism Destination Histories, etc.
With over 1100 international students coming from over 65 countries, UCB offers its students international study and living environment.

Tourism Business Administration MA
Being a highly specialized institution, UCB offers its students high class education, which is internationally recognized and which has brought many prestigious quality awards to it.
Tourism Business Administration Master Degree program course includes Business enterprise, Dynamics of Tourism, Live Project, Marketing Strategies, Operations Decision Making, Strategic Risk Management etc. modules.

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