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Economic study in Bulgaria

Economic study in Bulgaria in English or Bulgarian  is possible and affordable in many Bulgarian universities. Students can choose for Bachelor of business administration and е-business management, Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Public administration, Master of business administration, Master of Public administration, Master of Leadership and organizational development, Master of quality management, Master of educational management, Master of project management, etc. or even Doctorate programs.

Some economic universities or colleges in Bulgaria in English are partnering with UK, French, Netherland, and American’ universities. Students who complete successfully the program are awarded a double degree: Bulgarian and partner’s university degree.

Bachelor programmes in cooperation with Cardiff Metropolitan University (UWIC) in UK and   Sofia ,Varna and Dobrich in Bulgaria:

  • BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management;
  • BA (Hons) International Business Management;
  • Bsc (Hons) Business Information Systems;
  • BA (Hons) Business and Management studies;

Bachelor programmes in cooperation with University of Portsmouth in UK and Sofia in Bulgaria:

  • BA (Hons) International Finance and Trade;
  • BA (Hons) Business Administration;

Master Programmes in collaboration with Cardiff Metropolitan University in UK, University College Birmingham, UK and IUC, Varna or Sofia in Bulgaria:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) with Specialist Pathways;
  • Tourism Destination Management MA;
  • Tourism Business Administration MA;

Successful graduate students receive an authentic British Master Degree after three semesters of studies.
To motivate students, some university programs provide every one of them the opportunity to receive scholarship of up to 100% of their tuition fee in accordance to their results and knowledge of English language.


Some of economic Universities in Bulgaria:

  • University of National and World Economy
  • “D. A. Tsenov” Academy of Economics
  • University of Economics Varna
  • American University in Bulgaria
  • Management, Trade and Marketing College Sofia
  • European College of Economics and Management
  • International Business School
  • Higher School of Insurance and Finance


Master in Economy
Master of business administration

The MBA or Master in Business Administration degree is a standard business administration program with an extra emphasis on innovation, technology and management. Its goal is to prepare professionals with entrepreneurial spirit and innovative ideas. The students receive knowledge and applicable skills to master all general business projects – project management, entrepreneurship, innovation implementation, business negotiations and communications, human resources, etc.
To apply to Master in Business Administration degree, student must have Bachelor degree in Economics or similar programs, completed higher education recognized in EU and a good command of English.

The program contains compulsory, elective and optional courses and is completed with a final project presented before a committee consisting of business leaders and professors.

The successful Graduates students receive a Master in Business Administration diploma and are expected to work as entrepreneurs, managers and officers in the private and public sector managing various business processes

Master of Public administration

The Master in Public Administration prepare highly qualified specialists for the needs of public administration in compliance with the ongoing administrative reform and membership in the European Union, applying the standards of leading national and international universities.

To apply to Master in Public Administration degree, student must have Bachelor degree in Economics or similar programs; completed secondary education recognized in EU and a good command of English.

The course content of educational qualification degree and provides knowledge in the areas of management, law, economics, and political science. It is focused on developing skills and abilities to identify problems and analysis of trends in social processes of interaction with political structures, public and media, to work in a team of efficient organization and high culture of administrative services, management changes in the public sector and others.

Master of Leadership and organizational development

To apply to Master in Leadership and Organizational development degree, student must have Bachelor degree in Economics or similar programs; completed secondary education recognized in EU and a good command of English.
The Leadership and Organizational Development program is intended to develop the leaders for contemporary dynamic and competitive organization environment.
To apply to Master in Public Administration degree, student must have Bachelor degree in Economics or similar programs; completed secondary education recognized in EU and a good command of English.
The accent is on self-development and studying leadership competencies to become a successful organizational leader. The courses combine knowledge and practical experience and provide the skills necessary to effectively lead people in an ever-changing work environment and in cross-cultural setting.
The curriculum of the Leadership and Organizational Development program focuses on the human side of organization and particularly on training in organizational behavior, leadership development, and personal growth. A variety of management models and tools are used to develop a theoretical and practical experience as: organizational strategy and design of organizational structure; leadership styles and leadership development; emotional intelligence, effective communication and team development; intercultural competence and  strategic human resources management.
Graduates of the program Leadership and Organizational Development masters are ready to be implemented in areas such as strategic Management; Human Resource Management; Organizational Development; Management of processes and products; Innovation management; Project Management.
Successful graduate students of Leadership and Organizational Development master could start their own businesses or work as independent consultancy.

Master of quality management

The course of Master’s program in Quality Management prepares in management, technology, research and pedagogy in the field of quality management. Basic disciplines include quality management, statistical methods of process management, reliability, planning and analysis of experiments, quality through design, optimal decision making, international quality standards, and environmental management.
The curriculum is a combination of engineering and management aspects of quality management.

To apply to Master in quality management degree, student must have Bachelor degree in Economics or similar programs, completed secondary education recognized in EU and a good command of English.

Students use state-of-art equipped laboratories with computers, specialized software for quality management, multimedia and video technology.
Graduates students get Master of quality management diploma and are placed in all branches of industry, construction and economy.

Master of educational management

Masters Program in Educational Management prepares managers and leaders for the management of educational institutions and activities in formal and informal education and follows the same   curriculum of the similar programs in the UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands and Australia

The eligible candidate candidates must hold a bachelor’s or master’s degree in professional fields of educational science, heads of public and private educational institutions, teachers, managers and specialists in human resource management, psychological and pedagogical specialists. Graduates may continue their studies in doctoral programs in Theory and Educational Management.

The curriculum includes courses that provide choice and a wide range of preparations, knowledge, skills and competencies in educational legislation, administration, management and leadership, educational innovation, and practical skills for teamwork. Training is conducted with the active application of modern information and communication tools and technologies. Students acquire skills to perform the role of heads of educational institutions, acquire competencies: manager, leader, innovator, team player, consultant, trainer manager, mediator, negotiator, and moderator.

The program provides the following benefits: national and international accreditation, confirming the European level of quality of education; international system for exchange students between partner universities, training in English and Bulgarian; interactive methods of teaching and learning, workshops in the partner universities, highly qualified teachers from Bulgaria and abroad.

Master’s program in Educational Management is proof that management is creative and innovative profession, and managers and leaders in education are built through training, learning experience and participation in continuing professional and career development.

Master of project management

The course of Master’s degree in Project Management is designed to help students to become professionals in project management of the whole process from preparing and applying to project implementation and reporting.

Students are expected to plan activities and resources, prepare time-schedules and budgets in order to achieve the project goals, manage the project implementation, prepare technical and financial reports, launch invitations to tenders, facilitate the enhancement of the administrative capacity of project management in business structures, public administration and non-governmental sector.
Eligible candidates to Master in Project Management must have a Bachelor degree in Economics or similar programs, completed secondary education recognized in EU and a good command of English.
The training is practically orientated towards design and realization of projects through working with lecturers and representatives from various industries, agencies and public bodies.

Successfully Graduated students get a Master in Project Management degree and  can work in departments of project management in state and municipal administration, in companies and non-governmental organizations.