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English Medical Preparatory Courses

English Medical Preparatory Courses or premedical programs in Bulgaria are designed for  students who do not have enough English skills for medical university studies. The medical Preparatory Course includes general English, medical English terminologies, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and biophysics.

English Medical Preparatory Courses  in Bulgaria lead to the acquisition of Cambridge First Certificate. The Universities also issues a certificate for completed course in English language which is recognized by the International Certificate Conference – Europe. This certificate  gives the right  to students to get into English medical program in Bulgaria (Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, Nursing or Midwifery)Program without anymore entrance exam.

Medical Preparatory Courses or premedical programs in Bulgaria start in September or February depending on universities for the period of 2 semesters (one year). During first semester, students learn English and second semester, students learn basic Biology, Chemistry, and Physics in English to prepare for entering into English medical Program.

Even if Medical Preparatory Courses are designed especially for future medical students without enough commend of English, some students with good English skills take those courses if they want to study more about medical study basic subjects such as Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
The similar Medical Preparatory Courses in Bulgarian language are organised for those international students wishing to follow medical studies in Bulgaria in Bulgarian language.

The tuition fees for Medical Preparatory Courses in Bulgaria vary from 3000 to 4500 Euro, depending on universities and the medical program.