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Living in Bulgaria: the main reason people chose living in Bulgaria is the low cost of live including  cost of properties, accommodation, student tuition fee, common transportation, foods and restaurants, etc. Living in  Bulgaria is ideal idea for retirement because of Bulgarian low prices as well as good health care facilities and a mild climate. But not only retirees move to Bulgaria. A large number of younger adults and families are relocating to Bulgaria. Students are among those who choose to spend some years in Bulgaria.

Living in Bulgaria offers plenty of opportunities to enjoy the better things of life for many people, coming from a typically stressful working environment in the Occidental countries: the beach in summer, skiing in the winter, golf, walking in the mountains, horse-riding, fishing, football; painting, photography, bird-watching; opera, theatre, music; clubs, concerts, cinema – it’s all here.

On the other hand, living in Bulgaria, you could spend your days pottering around the garden and your evenings outside watching the sun go down over a glass of home-made wine, just like your neighbours. Wherever you are in Bulgaria, there is a distinct touch of the old world living alongside the new.
Most foreign tourists, who choose Bulgaria for their summer vacation, choose to rest on the Black Sea coast, gently touched by sea breezes. Some of them prefer to use the so-called all-inclusive packages, helping to isolate them from the local population and to enjoy their vacation. With several hundred US dollars or Euros, Germans and other western tourist can enjoy a week in some renowned seacoast resort such as “Albena”, “Golden Sands” and “Sunny Beach”.Some of them decide to come back regularly or even to spend the rest of their live.

All of those opportunities combined to the cheap tuition fees of high education, possibility of studying in English and hospitality of local people allow international students to fill home as soon as they arrive. Living in Bulgaria for short or long period remains unforgettable experience for those who have chance to experiment it. International students easily fit straight into Bulgarian cultural society and enjoy a student life full of excitement, fun and creativity.