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Medical University of Sofia is one of the best medical schools in the world and the top medical schools in Bulgaria (Sofia medical university ranking in Bulgaria). It annually attract a great and growing number of both native and international students from all over the world, be it the USA, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa or Australia. There is no admission examination to Sofia medical university in English medical program and the curriculum are in such way that satisfies international requirements.

Sofia Medical University is the oldest and biggest Medical University in Bulgaria. It has a 97 year history, rich experience and traditions in the education of Bulgarian and foreign students. It is a State University accredited by the Evaluation and Accreditation National Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The students graduated from Sofia Medical University receive a European diploma supplement, which makes certain that the diplomas are recognized in the European Union and the European Economic Area (GMC in UK as example!).

Sofia Medical university characteristics

  • Sofia Medical University has four faculties: Sofia faculty of Medicine, Sofia faculty of Dental Medicine, Sofia faculty of Pharmacy and Sofia faculty of Public Health, and a medical school branch in Vratsa and a College of Medicine;
  • Medical University of Sofia has always been ranking the first by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science in all professional fields – medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, public health and healthcare.
  • Sofia Medical University organises different medical degrees: Professional Bachelor, Bachelor, Master and Doctor for all professions and subjects, and is indisputable leader in the field of medico-biological output;
  • Sofia Medical University has rich tradition of offering medical program English to international students for more than 15 years in general medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, public health and health management, healthcare management, in the courses for nurses, midwifes and other specialties in the College of Medicine;
  • Sofia Medical University educational process is carried out by high skilled staff: more than 1470 lecturers: Academicians, Corresponding members, Professors, Associate Professors and Assistants international research calibre;
  • Sofia Medical University educational process at the University is carried out by high skilled staff: 1472 lecturers: Academicians, Corresponding members, Professors, Associate Professors and Assistants.
  • Sofia Medical University tuition fees are among the lowest in Europe (8000 Euro/year) and EU/EES students have access to student loan from Bulgarian finical institutions;
  • Sofia Medical University offers hostels for all students in double rooms at 50 Euro per month approximately (electricity, water, central heating, guard bills included!), but also it is possible to get a private accommodation in nearby at accessible price;
  • Sofia Medical University uses the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) that allows a wide mobility of students, medical transfer credits included;
  • Sofia Medical University students have the biggest and best multi-faceted hospitals for practical training in Bulgaria;
  • Medical University of Sofia has a Career development centre, which takes care of the medical graduate students and help to finding jobs;
  • Sofia Medical University has an exported education /Franchise/ in several European countries;
  • Medical University of Sofia is situated in the centre of Sofia with excellent internal and external transport network;
  • Sofia Medical University canteens offer cheap food: about 3 Euro per day (lunch and dinner) per student, The University organizes every year for its student’s winter and summer camps in the mountains and on the seaside.
  • Medical University of Sofia has over 7100 students with more than 2400 foreign students from 58 countries. It is member of Socrates and Erasmus university programs and exchange of students and lecturers is carried out with other European universities;


Admission to Sofia Medical University in Bulgaria

The admission to Sofia Medical University in Bulgaria is a based on application file completion without entrance exam. The candidate must demonstrate his fluent in English by passing successfully an English test.

The admission to Sofia medical University documents are:

  •  Application form with brief biographical data, educational history and the courses for which they are applying,
  • Copy of Diploma or high school certificate (Baccalaureate, A-levels, Abitur, etc.) of completed secondary education with an academic transcript stating the disciplines studied,
  • Document issued by relevant authorities, certifying the right to continue education in higher schools and universities in the country of origin of the secondary school attended by the applicant,
  • Health certificate issued not earlier than one month prior to application,
  • Four 4/5 cm photographs,
  • The diploma, academic transcript and health certificate must be translated into Bulgarian and legalized according to official state directives.

Sofia medical university curriculum

Sofia medical university program
Sofia medical dental university program

Sofia Medical University program for international students is a 6-year English medical program designed for international students with a good level of English. The program of medicine in English leads to professional qualification of Physician or Doctor of Medicine (MD), and awarding of a Master’s Degree with full privileges to practice worldwide as results of fulfilment of academic program requirements of 10 semesters, a year-long internship and successfully passing the state exams.

The Medical Degree and license of Medical University of Sofia are recognized in all European Union (EU/EEA) member states and beyond. Fresh graduate’s students have many alternatives for further medical training and careers: start Medical Specialisation in Bulgaria, Return home and return in home country or go to another country for further medical specialisation or training.
Medical Academic medical study program track in Bulgaria is structured as follows:

  • the first 2 years focus on preclinical study and theory;
  • the next 3 years for the most part focus on clinical study;
  • Finally, the programme is brought to completion with an internship year of medical rotations (310 days) before graduation;
  • practical internships for students in their 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of studies;

Medical university of Sofia offers also a preparatory course (premedical program) in English and in Bulgarian language for those Medical Prospective Students who do not meet language requirements (English or Bulgarian) or who want to improve their Chemistry, Biology and physics level before starting medical course.

After one successful year of premedical course, international student is automatically admitted to study medicine respectively in English or in Bulgarian.

Even if Medical University offer some ours of Bulgarian course to medical student in English, Some international student also chose one year premedical course in Bulgarian language before the start medical program in English. This helps them for their integration in the environment and in the clinical studies.

Sofia medical dental university program
Sofia pharmacy university program

Medical University of Sofia – History
Medical University of Sofia was founded in 1917 by “Tsar Ferdinand I” as a faculty of Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. In 1951, this faculty of Sofia was split from the rest of the University and was changed into Medical College with two faculty of Medicine and faculty of Dentistry. One year later, Pharmacy School was created. The Medical College of Sofia become Medical University of Sofia in 1995 Medical College after important administrative reforms and gain international accreditation.
The School of Public Health was founded 6 years later, by collaboration with World Health Organization (WHO), leading EU institutions and Regional Cooperation Council (Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe). Since early the 9th century, Medical University of Sofia has played an emblematic of longstanding crucial role of Bulgarian academic culture not only in Balkan region, but also in all Europe. Since Medical University of Sofia foundation, more than 60,000 Doctor ‘specialists have been qualified among which are leading Medical specialists in various institutions in all over the worlds.
At the moment, there are more than 6,200 students conducting research and contributing to internationally recognized achievements in various medical fields such as, Oncology, Cardio-thoracic surgery, Neurosurgery, ophthalmic surgery, Human disease high tech diagnostics, Cardiovascular and inherited diseases prevention programmes, Bone-marrow transplantation, development of new synthetic and natural compounds, genetics, etc.
Medical University of Sofia has leading positions as educational, scientific, and health care institution in Bulgaria and its level corresponds to the world medical standards. High level of theoretical and practical training of students, post-graduate students and specialists is organized according to the requirements of government standards of education and health care politics but with a sufficient academic independence.


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