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Mission statement

Study in Bulgaria guide, an Education Consultancy that has been established to guide international students looking to study abroad, providing them with all facts about high education in Bulgaria and assisting them in  application process, moving and settlement  in Bulgaria as student.

Being a team of former International and local students in Europe, we know and understand the need of prospective students ready to undergo university study abroad or of parents who need to secure the place of their son or daughter abroad. So whether your dream has been and is  becoming doctor (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine etc.), engineer (mechanic, computer, civil, etc.), economist, architect, IT specialist, etc. from well known university, but you couldn’t secure a place in your home country university or you are looking for cheap university with good level of education, you are looking to pursuit your study abroad in English, Bulgarian (Germany or French), you would to study in international environment,  study in  Bulgaria team is here for you.

The Study in Bulgaria team, a total practical solution based education consultancy and work hand in hand with you from the time you contact us till your graduation.

Bulgaria has been and remains one of European destination country for international students. Since Bulgaria becomes a European Union member (2007),   Bulgarian university degrees are full recognised in the whole community and beyond. Most of Bulgarian Universities have more than 20 years experience of teaching in international languages (English or French or Germany programmes).

We are here to assist anyone, regardless of age, background, origin, religion, etc. to get into university on his choice, taking advantage of our guidance.


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