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Nursing Study in Bulgaria

Nursing study program in Bulgaria is a full-time four-year nursing course leading to a Bachelor of Science in nursing. As all nursing diplomas from Europe (EU/EEA), nursing degree from Romania valid in all Europe and highly appreciated in all over the word.
Nursing study in Europe (Bulgaria) are designed for those looking for national and International nursing jobs abroad (in Germany, Ireland, and UK etc.). Nursing training in Bulgaria are offered by all medical universities in Bulgaria (Sofia, Pleven, Plovdiv, and Varna.) and colleges.
Nursing program is structured into 5 semesters of theoretical and practical study at Medical University or other appropriate institution and one semester of state internship (clinical practice).
As most nursing programs in Europe, nursing courses in Bulgaria are available only in national language (Bulgaria). Therefore, international applicant to nursing programs must to speak Bulgarian language or follow one year Bulgarian language course, prior to nursing program.
Nursing course in Bulgaria are among the cheapest in Europe. With cheap living costs, friendly living environment and highly appreciation of Bulgaria nursing degrees by international medical institutions, nursing study programs attract international students from all over the world.

Nursing study’s tuition fees in Bulgaria:

  • Undergraduate nursing program (Nursing bachelor program): 3000€/year, 4 year program;
  • Graduate program (Nursing Master program): 3600€/year, 3 year program;
  • Postgraduate program (Nursing specialisation): 4500€/year, 3 year program;
  • Bulgarian language course for further university studies: 3500€/year, one year program;

Admission requirement to nursing courses in Bulgaria.

Like all nursing course in Europe, to be admitted in nursing program in Bulgaria, the candidate must have at least high school diploma with good results in Biology (for bachelor program), bachelor degree (for Muster program) and Master degree (for specialisation or PhD program of nursing).

Bachelor science of nursing application documents:

  1. Application form with an attached brief CV;
  2. Secondary school leaving certificate with a statement of marks including the subject of Biology. Both marks in Biology and average of high school diploma must be at least 62% of the possible maximum marks in the country;
  3. Certificate stating that, based on his high school diploma, the applicant has the right /is eligible/ to continue his/her education into a higher educational institution in his/her own country;
  4. Medical certificate issued not earlier than one month prior to the application date, stating that the applicant does not suffer from any communicable diseases, being in good physical and mental health to pursue university medical studies (Nursing);
  5. Bulgarian language certificate (university at level B2). Can be obtained after one year Bulgarian language course if applicable;
    6. Six recently-taken colour photos /passport size/;
  6. Copy of the international passport with at least 18 months of validity;

Documents number 2, 3 and 4 must be translated and legalised into Bulgarian language.

Taking in account that the Nurses and Midwives form the largest group of staff in the National Health and are a crucial part of a healthcare team System in any country in Europe and all over the world and in line with the growing international health workforce crisis (as example, the WHO European Region currently faces serious shortages of well-qualified nurses and midwives)  your option to study nursing in Bulgaria is probably one of the best option to guaranty your career in health field.