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Student Residency Permits in Bulgaria

The first step to obtaining a long term student stay permit or along term student residency in Bulgaria, which is valid for 1 year and is renewed each year is to get Bulgarian D-type Visa and meet some requirements.
A long-term residency permit or visa with a validity term of up to one year may be issued to foreigners conducting scientific research or students under one-year and more education programmes, scholars or trainees, foreigners on business trips on behalf of a foreign employer for performing specific tasks related to control and coordination of the implementation of a tourist services contract as well as foreigners on business trips on behalf of a foreign employer for effecting investments certified under the procedure of the Investment Promotion Act.

All foreign students (EU and non-EU students) studying in Bulgaria must apply for residence permits at nearest Bulgarian Migration Department (Office) of the National Migration Directorate. The National Migration Directorate and its local migration departments in the local Police officers is the authority in charge of issuing, cancelling or extending resident permits in Bulgaria.

All new non-EU international students must extend their period of stay before the expiration of their Visa D for studies and obtain a Residency Permits which also must be extended every year or 6 months. For the period of the long term student permit (1 year), student is issued a Bulgarian Identity Card.

Please, note that in order the application to be successful, student must have D-Type Visa, for which he can apply at any Bulgarian Embassy. Please, also note that all applicants for long-term residency permit are subject to thorough checks by Interpol, Europol and other organisations having data for persons with criminal activities. All applicants must have clean crime records and must not be subject of criminal proceedings, otherwise applications will be rejected

Required documents for residence permit application:

  • A copy of the national passport with the photo of the holder and the personal details (for EU citizens) and a travel document (the national passport) and a photocopy of the pages of the travel document containing the personal data, the valid visas or residence permits held, and the last Bulgarian entry stamp (for non-EU citizens);
  • An official contract of accommodation as proof of address. For EU citizens it might not be required;
  • Proof of health insurance from the former EU country of residence translated into Bulgarian (for EU citizens) and Compulsory health insurance for the duration of residence in Bulgaria (for non-EU citizens- please contact the Migration office for further requirements on the health insurance).
  • Proof of possession of financial means to cover the expenses for the duration of residence in Bulgaria (a certified copy of the Declaration for financial support signed by your parents and certified by a Notary public submitted at the University can be used) or  to have  the necessary amount in your bank account in Bulgaria;
  • A document issued by High education institution in Bulgaria, certifying that you are enrolled as a full-time student;
  • A true copy of the Certificate for admission to High education institution in Bulgaria issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science (required for non-EU citizens only);
  • For first year students it is obligatory to submit a true copy of the bank receipt for the paid tuition fee;
  • A document for paid fee of 10 leva (5 Euro);
  • Certificate showing no previous conviction (for the new student) be legalized (by an Apostille) and accompanied by an official translation into Bulgarian language;
  • An application form (from the migration office);
  • A residency fee must be paid at the Migration Office bank;

Any change of address needs to be reported within five days to the local Police Office.
The documents are submitted at the police station 14 days before the expiration date of your Visa. Your Visa has duration of 180 days, so make sure you check the date.

The residence permit takes about 14 days to issue. You will be called to have your picture taken. There is a fee of 500 BGN for the 1 year period. It is also possible to apply for a 6-month period.
The fees for non EU students: application fee- 10 leva (5 Euro), Residence permit for12 months- 500 leva (250 Euro), ID Card: 45 leva (22,5 Euro);
The fees for non EU students: application fee – 7 lv (3,5), ID card- processing period 10 days- 36 leva (18 Euro).