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University admission and ensure that you complete the entire degree program.

  •  We offer to all prospective students the information about  and how to get into high education institutions (University, college) on your choice or with our assistance in Bulgaria;
  • As every prospective student is unique, we consider every candidate as such providing everyone with personalised information and assistance, assuring that the application file is well and completely prepared. We help you choosing the right University for your particular case to assure your admission and future university study success;
  • As soon as we consider that your application file is ready, we are responsible for sending it to the University and assuring that they will reach and be processed on time;
  • Being in direct contact with the admission offices, our team on ground follows the process of your application file, ensure that it is dealt with smoothly and in correct way and keep informed as your application progresses till your acceptance letter is issued and  send  to you;
  • If you have done part of you university degree somewhere else, and you have all transcript from your previous education and the syllabus of the modules you attended, we help you to transfer your credits to your future university with a chance of being placed into an advanced year (transfer student);
  • If you have to seat for entrance exam, we provide or necessary information and material to assure your success;
  • As soon as your acceptance letter is issued, we send it to the address pointed by you by secure Courier service to avoid lost, damage or delay in delivery (better handed to you). Our care is to  provide you with the acceptance letter early enough and assist you with the issue of your student visa (for those who need visa) on time so you  travel to your university on time;
  • We meet you at the airport on your arrival, help you keeping  in touch easily with your family back home,  arrange and help to find accommodation (in student campus or private flat), university enrolment, to open bank account, get in contact with your colleagues and old students,  your countrymen, town visit, etc.;
  • We provide comprehensive support services throughout the academic year, helping students with their various needs, such as securing a residence permit, change accommodation, intermediary between students and landlords, etc;

Let us work together from now till you get your degree: university admission in safe and friendly study environment and university degree are guaranteed provide that you follow our advices!