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Study Medicine in Europe in English

Study Medicine in Europe, Study Dentistry in Europe, ‎Study Veterinary in Europe, Study Pharmacy in Europe, Study nursing in Europe in English, qualification valid in all EU/EEA and beyond.

Study Medicine in Europe in English

To study medicine in Europe in English, the commission’s competition is fierce, and increasing year on year in some countries, although there is huge possibilities to study medicine abroad in Europe at the low cost or even get a student loan for student aspiring to become a Doctor.

To study medicine in Europe in countries like France, UK, etc., there is approximately 10 candidates for one seat (medical or dentistry program). In Bulgaria, even if most universities organise entrance exam, we still have possibilities to assist international students to study medicine and become Doctors.
To study medicine in some European Countries, even if there is no guarantee of securing a medical seat, the candidate must have high grades.

Most of them repeat their high school exam ( A-levels, Baccalaureate or equivalent, or taken a three-year BSc course in the field related to medicine, in the hope of getting into a medical or dental school at the end of it, but with courses so heavily oversubscribed, these options can be unreliable.
Instead, after getting their high schools diploma, some students are looking to study medicine abroad and one of the best option is studying medicine in Europe in English.

Students looking for medical study in Europe, should be aware that the qualifications obtained from some medical schools outside the European Union/ European Economic Area (EU/EEA) may not be recognised in the UK or in other European Union Country, or they may need to complete a Professional and Linguistic Assessment Board test in order to practise in respective country.

We recommend students looking to study medicine abroad in Europe and who would like to work in European Un study medicine in Europe EU/EEA to study medicine in Europe in EU/EEA or Switzerland country in accredited university of Medicine.

Study medicine in Europe: European professional qualification directive 2005/36/EC

European professional qualification directive 2005/36/EC is part of legislation which regulates the mutual recognition of professional qualifications by member states of the European Union (EU), both in terms of basic medical qualifications and speciality medical training.
The minimum training conditions for professional qualification of health professionals, architects, veterinary surgeons have been harmonised and they are automatic recognition within EU/EEA and Switzerland countries. The basic medical education and training in EU/EEA allows automatically graduates doctors the possibility of Working and training as medical doctors in Germany.

Why studying medicine in abroad in Europe?

  • Study medicine, dentistry etc. in Europe in English in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland etc.;
  • Low tuition fees and living costs;
  • Students loan available;
  • Medical qualification recognised in Europe (thanks to the harmonisation of university program leading to the (Directive 2005/36/EC ) and worldly:
  • To study medicine in Europe, Applicant students are assessed on high school grade (A-level, Bachelor, Abitur or equivalent qualification grades) and potentially on personal statements, entrance exams and interviews.
  • Entry requirements vary, so candidates are advised to check with prospective universities or contact us for further information.

Studying medicine in Europe in English or other language by medical study guide is for those:

  • International Student give have always wanted to be a doctor, have worked extremely hard in high school, gained work experience and prepared themselves for a round of very tough interviews, but couldn’t secure a place to study medicine in their home country;
  • International Student who are looking good medical study program in English abroad leading to medical qualification valid all-over the world;
  • Or simply those who to study medicine in intercultural environment, meet new people and build long-lasting friendships has been one of the best aspects of the course so far,” she says. “To anyone considering studying abroad, I would say go for it. It may be a really big step for you, but you really won’t look back. It’s an amazing opportunity to discover new cultures and places, all while studying the subject that you want. A year has flown by for me and I can’t wait to see what the second year will entail.”