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Tourism Destination Management

Tourism destination management program in English in Europe is a MA (Master of Arts) program designed for 3 semesters of study. Student can choose MA or specialist MBA Project Management or MBA Product Development Management. Those who complete successfully the Master of Business Administration   in Europe, they are awarded a British Master (Degree Master of Business Administration) issued by Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK.

Tourism destination management MA program is 3 semesters MA English: the first semester takes place at IUC, Varna or Sofia in Bulgaria and the remaining two – at UCB in UK. The successful students who complete of Tourism destination management MA program are rewarded with a British Master Degree issued by Birmingham University, UK in Tourism Destination Management MA.

Application documents:

  • Valid Bachelor Degree diploma;
  • A proven record of English language knowledge, and/or entry exam;
  • Two references;
  • A copy of a passport’s page with the candidate’s picture on it;
  • Filled out application form;

Tourism destination management MA program includes the following study modules:

  • Destination Marketing
  • Dynamics of Tourism
  • Live Project
  • The International Tourism Planning and Policy Environment
  • Tourism Destination Histories


For the Tourism destination management MA program, students choose whether to study the first semester in Bulgaria or in Birmingham. If they choose Bulgaria and qualify for a scholarship, their tuition fee for the first semester will be 960 euro for EU member states or 1300 pounds for Non-EU. If they, however, decide to study the first semester in Birmingham, the tuition fee for EU member states will be 1200 pounds without scholarship opportunities, and 3150 pounds for non-EU. The second semester and the dissertation both take place in Birmingham.