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University tuition fees

Tuition fees for university study in Bulgaria are one of the cheapest in among European Union countries.   European Union or European Economical Area country members can study at reduced tuition fee or benefiting Bulgarian scholarship.  The only condition to beneficiate Bulgarian scholarship is to learn Bulgarian and then pass admission exam together with Bulgarian Students. Also note that the tuition fee for programs in Bulgarian language is slightly cheaper than the programs in English.

Tuition fees in Bulgarian universities vary depending on university, specialty, language of study, undergraduate or graduate studies etc.

Tuition fee for European students:
European students can choose to study in Bulgaria in national language (Bulgarian) or in international language (English, French, and Germany) depending of the available programs.   The European Union students who wish to make economy can choose to study in Bulgarian language and take benefit from Bulgarian scholarship.

So, EU students in Bulgaria have 2 options on point of view of financing their university study:

  • Apply and study as every Bulgarian citizen, this mean the candidate will have to study in Bulgarian language, but to get place he/she has to go for competition entrance exams (ex. in Biology and Chemistry for medical study, maths for technical study, etc.) with all other candidates from Bulgaria and EU for the Government scholarship;
  • Apply and study as all foreign citizens (non EU) as a self-paid student: then he must pay the full tuition fee.

Tuition fee for no-EU students:
Non European Union student   can apply to study in Bulgaria only as self-paid student.  He must pay the full annually tuition fee, which is actually paid in 2 times per year: half before applying for visa and the remaining at beginning of second semester. Note that it is slightly cheaper to study in Bulgarian language than in international language!

Approximate tuition fees in Bulgaria:
Medical studies:
• General medicine: 6- year program; 5.000 to 8.000€/year;
• Dentistry: 6-year program; 7.000 to 8.000€/year;
• Pharmacy: 5- year program; 7.000 to 8.000€/year;
• Healthcare Management: 3-year program; 4.000€/year;
• Etc.

Technical studies: 4-year bachelor programs; 2.900 to 3.000€/year;
• Industrial Automation and Robotics’ Control
• Advanced Industrial Technologies (AIT);
• Electronic Engineering (English);
• Telecommunication engineering;
• Information Technologies in Transport;
• Industrial Engineering;
• Computer Science and Engineering;
• Mathematics and Computer Science;
• Aeronautical Engineering;
• Automotive Engineering;
• Naval Architecture and Marine Technology;
• Automation, Information and Control Technologies;
• Civil engineer;
• Architecture;
• One year English preparatory course: 2.500€;
• Etc.

Technical studies: 2-year Master programs; 3.000 to 3.500€/year;
• Mechatronic Systems:
• Computer Science and Engineering:
• Industrial Engineering:
• Business Computing:
• E-Management:
• Etc.

Socio-economic studies: 2-year bachelor Programs:3000 to 3900€/year;
• International Hospitality Management
• International Business Management
• Business Information Systems
• Business and Management studies
• International Tourism Management
• Hospitality and Culinary Arts
• Software Systems and Technologies
• Etc.

Socio-economic studies: 2-year Master Programs:3000 to 3900€/year;
• Bank accounts for tuition and registration fees
• Bank account for accommodation fee
• Student loan
• Financing your studies
• Etc.