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BA Business Administration

BA Business Administration program, gives students basic knowledge in economics, marketing, general management, IT, law, accounting, etc from the first year. Some of the main disciplines during that year are Organizations and Organizing, Business Operations, Finance and Accounting for Business, Business Law, Statistics for Business, Human Resource Management, Managing Business Relationships, Innovation Management, International Business, Contract and Commercial Law, etc.

BA Business Administration program in Bulgaria is organised in English for 4 years. Successful students are awarded a double degree and well-established general business degree  and high levels of employment success tanks to the outstanding reputation  of this BA.

Student in Business Administration have chance to do allowing them to acquire practical skills at different companies in Bulgaria and in the United States and other countries. In June, the students take additional classes which provide credits for the Bulgarian program.

Business Administration program in Bulgaria is the right choice for those students who wont to develop excellent professionals for a very broad variety of companies, both for brand managers, line managers, and general managers. Units such as Innovation Management, Managing Business Relationships, Human Recourse Management as well as International Marketing Strategy add value to every BA specialist in the labour market.