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Student loans in Bulgaria for European students

Student loans in Bulgaria are available for university European (EU/EEA and Switzerland) students. Bulgarian student financial loans for European students studying in Bulgaria covers tuition fee and dependency. The student loan system in Bulgaria is sponsored by the government and provided by three Bulgarian based banks and is open to students who hold citizenship of (EU/EEA) European Union/European Economic Area and Switzerland.

As in most of EU/EEA countries, the Bulgarian student loans for university tuition fees are paid directly to the university and student do not have direct access to it although the Bulgarian student loan for dependents are paid directly to the student.

Bulgarian student loans for tuition fees and dependents, together with low tuition fees living costs make Bulgarian universities more attractive for European students and give them more possibilities to succeed in their education as they can concentrate to education without thinking about finances.

Who can apply Bulgarian student loans?

All Undergraduate (Bachelor’s), Graduate (Master’s) and Postgraduate (PhD) students are eligible to apply for a student loan, whether they are Bulgarian or simply EU/EEA citizens.
To be eligible to student loans in Bulgaria European students must meets simultaneously some requirements.

Requirements to apply for student loans in Bulgaria:

  • Bulgarian student or simply a student member State of the European Union / European Economic Area or of the Swiss Confederation;
  • Under 35 years of age;
  • Regular bachelor, master or doctoral students at a legal state or private university (full time students);
  • Have not acquired the same educational qualification degree before;
  • Have not been removed and have not suspended their studies.


Only specific institutions (banks) which have signed agreement with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science, Bulgaria are able to provide student loans. According to the law, the maximum annual interest rate for this credit cannot exceed 7 %. All the services, associated with the credit contract, are free of charge.

Are you one of thousands of students who has not been able to secure an university place in UK, Norway, Spain, France, Italy, Ireland or somewhere else in EE/EEA or simply you are looking for an alternative option to paying expensive tuition fee per year? Then, probably, Bulgarian (medical, technical, economical, social, political, etc.) universities are the best option for you.