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Why Study in Bulgaria Guide?

Study in Bulgaria guide and prospective international students
Thousands of international students cannot secure university seat because of different reasons (competitive entrance exam, high tuition fee,), most of that, they do not know where they can follow the education at reasonable expenses, high quality of education, degree recognised in all Europe and beyond, programme in English, English or Bulgarian preparatory course etc.  Others do not know how they can get in university abroad etc.  We are her to answer all of those questions and help students get into university program of their dream.

Study in Bulgaria guide and Bulgarian universities
Promotes Bulgarian  universities among international prospective students providing them with   information and all other necessary supports to get into respective universities.  Our objective is to attract a larger number of international  students to take adventages offred by Bulgarian universities.

Study in Bulgaria guide and national economy|
Attracting more international students to a given university improves the local economy especially in small town increasing the consumption of goods and services (accommodation, living expenses) and so create the employment for the   hiring local people.

Study in Bulgaria guide and the guest country
Promoting Bulgarian high education institutions and attracting more international students, we hope that all graduate students remain ambassadors of the country w from hich they have graduated in their own country or any where they spend the rest of their live.  Besides that, during their stay, many of them attract their relative to visit them and the country which improve the economy on tourism point of view.